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​We Won’t See All Of Wonder Woman’s Powers In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice; Justice League News

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The Justice League will see its start in Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman through Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman all banding together against villains Lex Luthor and Doomsday.

When Gal Gadot was cast in the role of Diana Prince, fans have wondered just how she will portray the character and what plans they have. In the comics, Wonder Woman is similar to Superman in terms of overall power, strength, speed and abilities. Yet, the movie version could show a completely different hero.

Collider[1] managed to grab an inside scoop through producer Deborah Snyder to find out what the character will be like as well as Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg.

"I think that Zack and Geoff Johns sat down and outlined these stories, many of them at least. Really, we did a chart with what their powers were, like what Superman’s powers were, and I think you see a little bit of Wonder Woman. So we get a sense of her power but we didn’t want to do too much because obviously Patty’s going to build up to that and we’re going to learn how she discovers her powers in that movie. And then with Aquaman and Flash and Cyborg, those are a little bit more cameo, so you see a little bit that there’s something different but we don’t want to give too much away because we were just in the process, and we still are, of developing those scripts."

Wonder Woman’s solo movie is set for 2017 with Justice League Part One in the same year. Zack Snyder also talked with Collider[2] about whether these are two completely separate films, as recent rumours suggest, and what the titles of these films will be.

"Right now the working title is Justice League. Actually, I’m in that phase where I’ve been drawing logos and I’ve been drawing title treatments and stuff like that to try and figure out what it means, what Justice League is, visually, so we’ll see if the name evolves with this visual presentation.

"The schedule’s close, it’s not quite as long, but give or take. We have a more efficient machine in England because we have a big backlot that we built for Gotham and Metropolis, so it’ll be easier to photograph than when you have to close down streets. But it’s a beautiful backlot."

You can catch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in cinemas now.