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Russo Brothers Respond ‘Hell Yeah!’ To Directing A Black Widow Solo Movie

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Speaking in a press event in China, directors of the upcoming Captain America: Civil War and the well-loved Captain America: The Winter Solider answered questions around whether they would be interested in directing a Black Widow solo film.

"Hell, yeah," Joe Russo responded. ”We love that character. We find that the character is one of the richest, if not the richest, character in the Marvel Universe. A very, very complex character, is haunted by demons. Her understanding of the world is fascinating, and I think there's a lot that can be done with that character.”

In a separate interview with Digital Spy[1], Clark Gregg, the man behind Agent Coulson from the Avengers and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.LD., told us that he thinks a Black Widow solo film would be a great idea.

"Black Widow has been around from day one of this..." said Gregg, "...and is portrayed with this kind of heavy-hearted ferocity by Scarlett Johansson -- who I think is as good as any actor working today. It seems like it would be tragic, it would be a waste, if that character wasn't given the spotlight in the way that some of the other characters have been. If I know Marvel, they won't let that happen, because she's too valuable an asset."

Even Scarlett Johansson, the actress who plays the capable spy, would be interested in starring in her own movie according to an interview with Collider[2]

“I think that there’s room for a standalone movie. The character has a really rich origin story and I've been really fortunate to kind of place all these layers on top of one another and kind of build up this character to this point where I think I can now start to peel them away and reveal different sides of her and really focus on -- I think I've been able to grow with the character, the character’s been able to grow with me.

“Her dilemma that she faces it’s a deeply personal one, she has this great, huge, epic kind of calling and now is suddenly going, ‘Wait a minute. I have this epic calling, but I wanna make a choice for myself. I feel like I've put in the hours, I should be able to make active choices’ and she inevitably chooses the heroic path and kind of puts her own personal desires and needs aside. Those are things that kind of butt up against each other and interesting things happen when you have a character that’s pulled in many different directions and in my mind there’s room for plenty more Black Widow and certainly more -- I think I could see her in a standalone film.

“I've spoken to [Marvel Studios president] Kevin [Feige] about it," she said last year. "I mean, of course, of course we've had that conversation before, and I think Kevin would also like to see a standalone film. I think I can speak for him and say that. That’s all, really. Right now I think this character is used well in this part of the universe, but I think that Kevin -- I mean, we've talked about it and we both share similar vision for what could be a standalone series.

“My contract has changed. Marvel and myself didn't really know how the fans were gonna react to Black Widow the first time and how she was gonna be -- they couldn't anticipate how they would want to use her or if they would want to use her. I mean we invested in that character, but the audience had a great reaction to the character, which has been so awesome. For instance, I wasn't contracted into doing Cap movies, but that storyline worked out so well I kind of branched off and I found myself in that standalone movie. My contract is kind of mutating, I guess, or morphed to fit the demand of the character.”

Another actor starring in Civil War is Robert Downey Jr. A.K.A. Tony Stark A.K.A. Iron Man. When talking to USA today, he spoke about how he’d love to see a Black Widow film.

Doesn’t Scarlett deserve a break? It would be kind of more appropriate for a character that already was like a Black Widow [to lead a movie]. It just seems like whatever Scarlett does people want to go see it.”

The list of celebrity backers behind the film is ever increasing. Fans have been calling for the character to finally steal the spotlight and focus on her own story, especially after the more personal look that we got in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Hopefully, now that some actual directors who have past-experience with the character to great success have backed the project something will come of it. Though, for now we’ll just have to put up with fantastic performances from Johansson in other heroes movies.

Captain America: Civil War is set to be released on May 6, 2016.